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By Timur Liwinski Studies show that around 70% of the global population has faced traumatic experiences, with even higher rates in conflict-affected regions often leading to posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Trauma disrupts our emotional balance, leaving us feeling numb and disconnected from life. After a traumatic event, survivors grapple with existential questions regarding the coherence … Read more

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It was a dark day for the man as he turned to Viktor Frankl for support. The man’s wife had just died, and after many long years of marriage, how he felt inside must have seemed unbearable. But at that moment, Frankl asked a powerful question that helped the man heal. What was it? Frankl … Read more

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It was a calm autumn day when Elizabeth Lukas stood in front of the circle of patients who wrestled with anxiety and depression. Their hopes? To find some peace to take home with them at the end of the support group. Lukas announced the group rules, which some, and even myself, initially found quite strange. … Read more

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By Batya Yaniger Irvin Yalom lists four existential challenges: the challenge of death, the challenge of freedom, the challenge of isolation and the challenge of meaning (Becoming Myself: A Psychiatrist’s Memoir). We find in Viktor Frankl’s logotherapy something similar. Frankl’s tragic triad consists of the inescapable realities of suffering, guilt and death. Despite these inevitable … Read more

Summary of “Navigating Israel’s Meaning Crisis” Workshop Israel – In the face of challenging times, the recent three-part Mental Health and Hope Workshop, “Navigating Israel’s Meaning Crisis” brought together participants from all over the world for a profound exploration of how tools of Viktor Frankl’s logotherapy can help foster resilience, responsibility and hope in the … Read more

Is logotherapy still used today? This question resonates with those seeking meaning and purpose in their lives. Developed by Viktor Frankl, logotherapy is a psychotherapeutic approach that focuses on the search for meaning as the most fundamental human drive. In this article, we will explore the enduring relevance of logotherapy and its application in the … Read more

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